Sandra M. Smith, Artist

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t creating art.  As a small child I found refuge in my grandparents’ attic in Great Falls Montana with my Big Chief pad and a box of crayons.  In that attic, I created many worlds, worlds filled with majestic horses, worlds of trees and magical creatures.  These were safe places, as being a child in the 1950s was a scary place.  Yet I found peace and solace in the art I created.  For my 9th birthday, my grandparents gave me the greatest gift I cherish to this date, my first set of pastels and one of my grandmothers’ large wallpaper sample books.  Later my grandmother started taking me to the local art store and I acquired my first art instruction book, “How to Draw trees” by Walter T Foster. Like a child who was into the superhero comic book series I could hardly wait for the next “How to Draw”, was released.  Walter T Foster was my super hero. 

I look back at those child artist days and I – to this day – still have such great passion for books of art, or a new box of pastels and finding that perfect brush that allows my hand to place that right stroke on the canvas. I’ve never lost that passion and awe for the process of creativity and the striving for the mastery of creation.

It’s been such a wonderful journey to here:  shown in galleries, been honored by sales and commissions, how thankful I am to have been able to share art with those around me.   I still continue my art education – almost daily.  I’ve found my village in the artists at “Watts Atelia of the Arts,” along with a very unexpected “happy place” a little private page on Facebook where “Sandie Draws you Dachshund.”  A little space in this world, on a social media platform where I get to share my love and passion of art and Dachshunds with my members who are interested in following me on my artistic journey.

                                                                            Thankful for the wonderment,

                                                                         Sandie Smith aka Sandra M. Smith

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